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What’s in the Database

In 2001, as part of a Bureau of Indian Affairs funded project, we worked with Zender Environmental to send out a comprehensive 11 page solid waste survey to all Alaska Native Villages. Completed surveys were sent back to us from 100 communities. These survey results were placed into a Microsoft Access database.

Everything in the survey is in the database. The types of solid waste information in the database include:

Contact Information
Community Information
Waste Disposal Method
Landfill/Dumpsite Description
Management of the Dumpsite
Dumpsite Problems
Old Dumpsites
Waste Management Needs
Businesses in the Community
Trash Burning
Honey Bucket Wastes
Hazardous Wastes
Special Wastes
Ground/Source Water
Waste Management Program/Plans (Current/Future)
Transfer Station (Obstacles/Concerns)
Working Cooperatively with other Entities (Obstacles/Concerns)
Previous Studies/Reports

We are continuing to gather surveys and we will be updating the information in the database.

To view our solid waste survey, click here on the box


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