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A Guide to Closing Waste Disposal Sites
in Alaska Villages

By Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

To order this guide, contact Ray Paddock at CCTHITA at 1-800-344-1432 ext 7184

To read this guide and learn about everything you need to know to close your site, follow along chapter by chapter!


Table of Contents

1 Introduction – How To Use This Guide

2 Where Do We Start?
Why Close Our Site?
Do We Need To Close Our Site?
What Exactly Are We Getting Ourselves Into If We Decide To Close Our Dump?
Community Involvement

3 Health And Environmental Impacts Of Open Dumps
Health Impacts Of Open Dumps
Open Dumps And Subsistence
Possible Contaminants In Your Water And Soil
Burning Wastes
Infectious Disease
Dump Scavenging, Waste Hauling, And Increased Health Risks
Site Accidents
Summary Of Health Risks
Environmental Impacts Of Open Dumps
Impact On Plant Community
Impact On Tundra
Wetland Mitigation
Contaminant Release
Subsistence Impacts
Summary Of Environmental Impacts
Fixing Health And Environmental Problems

4 Show Me The Money (How To Get Help)!
What Have Other Villages Done?
What About Other Dump Users?
What Can I Get From The Agencies?
Ok, So What Grants Are Out There?
Lessons Learned By Already-Funded Villages

5 How To Close A Site
Site Closure In-Place
Increasing Environmental Protection
Lessons Learned!
Burning Wastes First
Closing A Site By Removing Wastes
Re-Using Your Land
Health And Environmental Considerations

6 How To Choose A Closure Method (Cost And Non-Cost Factors)

Considerations Other Than Cost
How Much Will It Cost To Cover Up Our Wastes?
How Much Will It Cost If We Want To Remove Our Wastes?
Summary Of Closure Considerations

7 What Paperwork Do We Need?
How To Write Your Closure Plan
What Am I Required To Do Besides Submit The Closure Plan?
What Will Happen If We Don’t Meet ADEC Regulations?

8 Choosing Your New Waste Disposal Method
What Kind Of Disposal Alternatives Are Out There?
Where Should We Locate Our Facility?
SWM Choices And Village Authority Impacts

A Contaminants Found In Water Or Soil At Four Open Dumps

B Health Survey Results


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